You get up, you take a shower... pretty normal stuff.  Someone decided that they were going to take some stats on what people do in the shower.... like what you do first, and so forth.  So strange.  But there will be a survey on almost anything I have discovered.

Here are the stats...

Out of the 50,000 people who took the survey, this is what was discovered: 

What do most people wash first?  Number one answer was hair.

75% of people use body wash as opposed to regular soap.  And 1% of people said they just use water. WHAT????   I feel like that is not the purpose of the show.  Just to get wet?  By the way, you aren't clean if you are just using water....

78% of people said that they have CRIED in the shower.  I can honestly say that has never happened to me.  Why would you cry in the shower?  Maybe because no one would know?  Are you trying to hide it?  Or do you just get to actually thinking a bit more about something that is sad, and the flood waters just open up?  Kind of like if you have to go... and can't... turn on the water.  Maybe it's a time saver.  Then you don't have to wash your face afterwards?  I guess there could be a lot of different reasons to cry in the shower.  Whatever it is, I hope you feel better afterwards.


These Buzzfeed quizzes are so weird... they take a survey on just about anything.


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