When you think of trampolines, the word 'exhausting' normally doesn't come to mind. Today we got the chance to legally pummel our co-workers, and it was a blast!

A bunch of us from Townsquare Media hit Airmaxx to warm up from the cold and let it all out - holding nothing back...and THAT we did!

In attendance:
Choad - 103.7 The Loon Morning Show
Shannon - Rev 96.7 Mid-days
Pete - 103.7 The Loon Mid-days/98.1 Morning Show
Cindy - 98.1 Morning Show
Trista - Townsquare Media Account Executive
Barry - 103.7 The Loon Afternoons
Alex - WJON News/Camera man

There is no doubt we'll try to make this a monthly gathering, but next time I'm wearing a nut cup and there may be a need for some face masks! Yeah, we're a rough group ;)

Oh, and by the way...if you're an adult and jump in the foam pit, prepare to spend 15 minutes trying to get out. It was hilarious!

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