As a Certified Lover of Garlic, this is big news to me! I might actually help McD's in their battle against inflation...

The greatest McNugget dipping sauce in the world (except the U.S.) is coming to Minnesota (and the U.S.) on July 9th: Special Grade Garlic Sauce! Vampire repelling just got a whole lot tastier!

McDonald's is Finally Bringing Black Garlic Sauce Stateside (kinda)

It's not exactly the Black Garlic Sauce that McD's patrons in Japan get to enjoy; what's coming to the U.S. is "inspired" by that. Close enough, I'll take it.

The sauce will have a savory garlic base with soy sauce notes and a hint of tangy sweetness. Perfect for my McChickie Nuggies!

And Then There Are the Special Grade Garlic Sauce Cups

McDonald's is leaning into anime and manga culture, and the cups will come with designs inspired by a popular manga series called, "Jujutsu Kaisen".

"Jujutsu Kaisen 0" Los Angeles Preview Screening
Getty Images for Crunchyroll

There's Always a Catch

To get the sauce, you have to order it through the McDonald's app. The app is free, and the sauce comes with any McNugget order for free. It's also available as an add-on for a few cents.

10 Totally Random Facts About McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

Did you know it wasn't originally supposed to be chicken in the McNugget? Do you remember the original four dipping sauces?

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LOOK: Inside McDonald's Failed Restaurant-Themed Hotel

McDonald's launched its Golden Arch Hotel concept with a pair of locations in Switzerland in 2001. Rooms included arches over the headboards and showers that were visible from the bedroom. Both locations closed less than two years after they opened.

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