I see two sides to this issue. One, most of the service people working during the pandemic, Grub Hub, grocery stores, pizza delivery guy and now that restaurants are opening up a bit, waiters, bartenders and waitresses all are risking their own health to serve you and avoid financial problems. So, yes, try tip a little more than usual.

Two, there are a lot of people that just can't mange to tip as much as they'd like. With so many out of work or furloughed, it's totally understandable.

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Here are a few suggestions on tipping during this pandemic, all subject to your financial circumstances, of course;

Tip for Takeout

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Under normal conditions, tipping for takeout is considered a "no obligation" situation. However, under current conditions, 10 percent for takeout and large orders. Remember, workers are struggling, too.

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Delivery Apps

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Food delivery services like Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats set a default tip at 15 percent.

Personal Services

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Most all beauty salons, barbers, nail salons, etc have been shuttered for a long time. With things opening up again and a lot of lost income in these professions, doubling your usual tip is the way to go.

Mail Carriers and Package Delivery

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Mail delivery persons and Fed Ex workers are not allowed to accept tips. UPS workers are discouraged from accepting any cash tips. Maybe just leave a bottle of water or a packages snack to show you are appreciative. no homemade stuiff, though. People are still a little leery.

We are all a little tired of hearing "We are all in this together" but it's the truth. So, if possible, help out wherever you are able.




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