There’s an old saying that says “what is old, will become new again”. We’ve seen it time and time again, something that was a phase or fad for a time and then burned off, circles back around and becomes all the rage again.  

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No matter whether it’s shoes, clothes, or hair styles, it’s like a circle of life of past popularity. And we’re seeing another thing of the past come back “into focus” again.  

Most of us have more power and connection at our fingertips when we hold our cell phones. One of the game changers for cell phones was when they added cameras to the phone. It took a little time for the picture quality to get as good as we see it today, and when that happened, the camera industry felt the impact.  

Why would people spend the money for a camera, lens, a bag and other accessories when they could use the phone in their pocket? 

All of that seems to be changing now though, Fuji Film says they’ve seen an increase in digital camera sales. Fuji says 37% of their sales ending in March came from their camera lines. That is an increase of 27% from last year.  

The increase of digital camera sales was the first time the product line has gone up since 2010. And it’s not the low-end cameras that have been sold the most, higher end models have proved to be most popular.  

Some experts say that pricing was adjusted due to slower sales, but another reason is there has been an increase in photography as a hobby.  

So, if you have a digital camera lying around you haven’t used in a while, it may be worth bringing it back out again. Or, put it on a secondary sales market and cash in on how popular digital camera’s seem to be right now.  

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