It's another Friday, and you know what that means... another Lame Joke Friday.  Johnny U came in the studio this morning a bit early, and I did kind of make fun of him for that, so maybe that's what threw him off.  But in any case, his jokes were living up to the name  -  Lame Joke Friday.  And if that's what you are looking for, this did not disappoint.

Laughing guy closeup

As per usual as of late, there were two jokes.  The first one was a little Johnny joke, including the little naughty school boy, Johnny. Not Johnny U, lame joke teller.  The joke involved something that Little Johnny writing something on the blackboard at school.  The second joke had a bit of more adult subject matter.  You'll have to listen to the joke to know exactly what I'm talking about.  I'm too embarrassed to actually tell you ahead of time... ohhh my....

If you missed it, it went a little like this...

See?  Johnny U going off the rails a little bit this week.  I think he may have still been upset with me for making fun of him a few minutes earlier. Maybe.  Or, I'd like to think it was that, and he didn't already have these two horrible jokes planned ahead of time.  But we KNOW he did plan those. They were really just that bad.

If you would like to tune in again next week for Lame Joke Friday, it happens every Friday right around 7:35am.  Right after Dave Overlund's sports.

See ya next week!

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