I don't know who thinks up this stuff, but what in the world would someone want their poop to sparkle?  It's not like anyone sees it except the "pooper", right?

Have you ever glanced into the toilet bowl and thought, "Gee, I wish it my poop glittered". Perhaps its a psychological thing where you can feel better about yourself just knowing that your poop sparkles. I really can't think of any other reason.


FEEL, a company out of England that's selling this new multivitamin.  They put glitter in the vitamin, so when you "drop" a deuce, it sparkles.  This isn't the first time a product similar to this has been on the market but it is the first time for a multivitamin.

They are offering limited pre-orders now on their website, and it costs about $14 for 30 glitter vitamins.

Glimmer on!

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