The Bad Lip Reading channel is one of my favorites on YouTube. I get excited when a new video comes out. BLR has covered everything from movies and television shows, to football games and presidential debates and speeches. It's seriously brilliant stuff.

They even do the occasional music video. "Seagulls! (Stop It Now)" is the funniest and the most viewed video on the BLR channel. My son and daughter have been known to bust out lines from that song from time to time.

If you're unfamiliar, the BLR concept is actually simple. Imagine watching something but you can't understand or hear what they're saying so you dub in your own voices with what YOU think it looks like they're saying. You might be thinking what I am, why didn't I think of this? Even if I did, would I really have the time? Putting these together has to be very time consuming.

But who's behind them? Nobody knows exactly. Word is it's a mysterious music/video producer in Los Angeles. That would make sense given the quality of the production of the videos and songs.

Plus, there's the guest voices this mysterious individual gets. Famous people like Jack Black, Bill Hader, Mark Hamill and Maya Rudolph have lent their voices to the videos. You would have to have some pretty good connections to land those type of stars.

Whoever it is (and I think someday will find out), as long as they keep giving us comedy gold, I'm o.k. never knowing.

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