A smart toilet... unless the thing comes with automatic toilet paper that is generated within said smart toilet, I'm not sure we need this thing.



The Smart Toilet (which hasn't been perfected as of yet) is supposed to identify the user by their butt imprint. Who knew that thing was unique?  But apparently it is.  And it is equipped with a camera. A CAMERA??!!  The camera uploads to the cloud.  Ok... so when is that "crap" going to be uploaded to some server that ends up on the internet?  That's just my thought... but seriously.   It's going to happen.

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This is what scientists have said this thing can do:

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a smart toilet that can identify people based on their butt and monitor the health of their poop and pee.

The smart toilet, which the Stanford team published an article about this week in Nature Biomedical Engineering, was designed as a continuous health monitoring device, like a smart watch. It uses cameras and motion sensors to identify "a range of disease markers in stool and urine," including colon cancer and prostate cancer.

"When I'd bring it up, people would sort of laugh because it seemed like an interesting idea, but also a bit odd," lead researcher Sanjiv Gambhir said in a press release. "Everyone uses the bathroom — there's really no avoiding it — and that enhances its value as a disease-detecting device."

Oh, and by the way, the flusher would have to be activated by a fingerprint as well.  So, does that mean that you can't have it in a guest bathroom?  I mean... this is weird.  It's so weird.  Maybe that commercial with the robots in the bathroom at a party was on to something.


Either way... just opt to go to the Dr. like a  normal "sane" person would do!

Happy Flushing!
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