It's another Friday.  You know what that means... another Lame Joke Friday with Johnny U.


We have come to expect this stuff.  Bad jokes on a Friday.  And honestly, he usually tries these out on at least one of us before Friday morning rolls around. This past week- nothing.  This made us worry... just a little bit.  I mean, no rehearsal?  This might not go well. Although even when he does  rehearse a bit it doesn't seem to help.  So there's that.

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This week again, he has 2 jokes.  He said he has a joke writer.  We're not sure.  That sounds a little fishy considering how these jokes  have been going, but ok, we'll go with that.  And I'm still  thinking that he brings 2 jokes in every week because he knows their 2 is better than one.

Anyhoo- his first joke has to do with a redhead and the second joke is something about a Democrat.

See what I mean?  Maybe he didn't want to rehearse these because he doesn't want anything vetoed.  Although, I did think they were both mildly funny.  Baxter did not.  And if you've been listening to Baxter at all, you know which one he didn't like more.  HA!  Well, whatever side you're on, Johnny U will be back again next week.  He may have more political jokes... or not.  But one thing is probably certain,  he most likely should should stick with his day job.

Until next week....

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