In this world of Kim Kardashian-like selfie taking people, we generally groan at the thought of, and watching people take them.  BUT sometimes, at least this one time, the selfie saved the day, and this person's life.... in prison.  

Madame Tussauds Unveil Kim Kardashian Selfie Taking Wax Figure
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A man had been accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend's house, attacking her, and carving the letter "X" into her chest.  After almost  a year of saying he didn't do it, saying where he had been, which was several miles away from the scene of the crime, the selfie was what finally proved his innocence.  He was with his family, and the timestamp and the google location showed that it was pretty impossible for him to have committed the crime.

His ex finally admitted that she had made the whole story up, because she was angry with him and wanted to "get him back" for how they broke up- or something equally as stupid.


So far, nothing has happened to her as far as charges being brought against her for a false claim.  It is being investigated.  I don't know why there would be a question.  I think she should ABSOLUTELY be charged with a crime.  False claims, false police report, false accusations, and straight up wasting everyone's time while spending the taxpayers money!

This happened in Texas.  Maybe that explains it?

Still no.

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