After spending every night last week with our friends at Metro Bus in front of different grocery stores collecting food for our area food shelf, I faced a full spectrum of humanity, attitudes, and spirit. I want to thank the kind, happy, and giving in a quick letter.

Dear 'Fill the Flyer' donor,'

Thank you for your giving spirit; for donating food or hard-earned money to help feed our hungry neighbors; for your recognition that the only way the world becomes a better place is by each one of us stepping up and doing something as an individual. Sometimes all it takes is a can of soup and a smile. I would also argue that the smile, and the attitude behind it, is far more powerful than the can of soup -- thanks for doing both.

And for those of you that were only able to deliver the smile and a happy word or two; please know that is appreciated immensely as well.

Pete Hanson

See you next year!

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