I don't have a ton of pet peeves but I do have my share.


One in particular is when I am entering or leaving somewhere and I take a few seconds out of my time and hold the door open for someone.

A nice, even polite gesture, right?  And all I really would like is a simple than you.  but most of the time i get nothing. Man, is it that hard to just say thank you?

If you don't hold the door for someone, then your an a**hole.  Can't win.

I still do hold the door open, even though I know I'll probably get snubbed. It makes no difference, man or woman, chances of getting a simple thank you are slim to none.

I even had a guy hold onto his wallet as he walked past me. I do kind of understand that maybe a woman may be extra cautious about even exchanging words with a stranger but hell, I'm not that scary looking.




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