First off, how does this even happen?  And second of all, who actually would opt to eat the butt end of the loaf of bread unless you had to?  I mean, I get it if that is all that is left, but basically I feel like those ends are kind of throw-away, bird food, or something that you would make bread crumbs out of.  It's a weird end of the loaf.

Bread Sales Plummet
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This person bought a loaf of bread.  When she was making the kids lunches, she opened the brand new loaf of bread, and all she found was the butt ends of the loaf... like the entire package of nothing but ends.  Weird, right?  Being that there was no time to go and buy another loaf, that is what she and the kids were stuck with.  Sometimes beggars can't be choosers, but does this even happen?  I actually feel like this was done purposely.  How else? It's not like a bread machine at a factory would be able to have this happen, even with a malfunction.  It was done deliberately by one of the workers.  It's the only explanation.


But weird, right?

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