Accounting just doesn't strike me as a very sexy occupation. You seem to picture an accountant with glasses, pocket protector and pretty much a wallflower. Of course, we are generalizing and many accountants are just normal people.

And like all normal people, they need love, too. We've compiled a list of the Top 10 pick up lines specifically tailored to the lonely accountant.

Your name wouldn't be Taxes, would it?"  Because I could do you.

I think you and I should deduct our pants?

The 1040 isn't the only form you seem to fill out well.

One deduction I'd like to make is to deduct you from a list of people I haven't had sex with.

How about we file a 1040 Sleazy?

Wanna go to my place and enter into a one night, limited partnership?

Let's go to your place and deduct our pants

You do me and let me joint return the favor

Wanna see my extension?

I'm so gifted, I claim it as a dependent 


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