It's what ushered in the "Roaring 20's". January 17th, 1920, the consumption of alcoholic beverages was declared legal with the repeal of the 18th Amendment and a decade long party was underway.

It's a good thing we repealed prohibition because the Great Depression was about to set in (1929) and I'm sure a few bumps back then was a common remedy to get through the tough times.


During prohibition, it was much like when marijuana was totally against the law. Some people still used the "forbidden stuff" and a huge black market was born. The American gangster era was in full swing making a fortune producing and selling their contraband. It's said Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, made his fortune bootlegging scotch whiskey from Canada.

When prohibition ended in 1920, all of a sudden people were drinking pretty heavily and according to a new study, 100 years later we are drinking twice as much now.

I'm always hopeful, that someday soon marijuana will be totally legal and regulated much the same as alcohol.

Cheers. it's the roaring 20's again!

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