Alex O'Leary - Dream Getaway 46 Winner

Congratulations to Alex O'Leary of Rice.  Alex is the lucky winner of Dream Getaway 46.  Alex doesn't have a destination picked out yet but says he'll probably either check out Europe or maybe beach it in Hawaii. Will you be the Loon's next Dream Getaway winner?

It's been months now we all can't wait for things to get back to somewhat normal.  Travel really hasn't been on anyone's mind lately but, I'm guessing, when this pandemic stuff settles a bit, you'll be happy to have a vacation in the bank.

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We've got just the ticket, so to speak, for you to take a nice relaxing break after things are up and running. Another Dream Getaway starts on the LOON Monday morning.  Dream Getaway #47 could be yours.

Listen every weekday for your code words at 9:10, 12:10 & 3:10.  Plus, there will be a bonus code word every weekday sent to your Loon app around 2 PM.  Thursdays, code words will be 3 for 1. Thursday code words will each count as 3 entries, including the bonus code word.

So, make it a whole lot easier on yourself and download the Loon app today and opt in for contests. It's absolutely free and will make playing a lot easier. Plus you'll get alerts telling you the next code word is about to be announced.

Dream Getaways brought to you by Bursch Travel, Bernick's, Line X Protective Coatings and Truck Accessories, Premiere Real Estate, Grand Champion Meats and Mies Outland.

Good luck and thanks for tuning in the Loon.



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