Everyone knows that when you mention that you are from Minnesota people... not from here... either say 'Oh- Minneapolis'?  Or, occasionally you get the Fargo reference.   I'm not sure that everyone outside of this area realizes that Fargo is in North Dakota.

Justin Shutter

Anyway, Minnesota Monthly named Alexandria as Minnesota's Best City.  So, we get some love around our neck of the woods.  There are a lot of things to do in and around Alex.  One of the things that I didn't realize was that there is a paved trail that runs from Osakis to Fergus.  If you are into the bike trail ride thing, this is great for you!  Also, hit up the over 4 dozen lakes in the area.  Plus there is Lake Carlos (one of the deepest lakes) State Park.  Lots of hiking and nature sights to check out.  If I would have thought of this earlier, I would have planned a trip before all the leaves took flight.  Fall colors would be awesome there.

So, next time you are in the market to find something cool to do that's basically right out our back door... take a short drive to Alexandria.