This past year has been so deflating.  Nothing was going on as far as music festivals, concerts, any live music, really. We have all been starved for some sort of live music interaction and festival with lots of other people around.  We, as a society really do need social interaction.  This Summer was supposed to be the beginning of our trek back to some normalcy.  And it does look like, for the most part, that will be happening.

A recent post on Moondance Jam's Facebook page states that Alice Cooper (who a lot of people have been excited to see) will not be performing.

Halestorm has been announced as an addition, however.  If you haven't heard Halestorm, you have been missing out, but you will have your opportunity this coming July.  But- Alice Cooper will be missed for sure.  Some people have said that was one of the reasons that they were looking forward to Moondance.  It will still be fun, and they are still adding bands, but Alice Cooper cancelling is definitely a bummer.

If you look at some other sites, they still list Alice Cooper as performing at Moondance along with many other dates.  Not sure if all of them have been cancelled, but we do know that this one has been.

As of right now, the lineup for Moondance Jam includes Lit, Todd Rundgren, Night Ranger, Halestorm, Grand Funk Railroad and Firehouse.  They are continuing to add to the lineup.  They have 5 stages with performances on each staggered throughout the weekend. There is music playing at all times during the day and evening.  It's always a great time. They have announce that this will be the last year of Moondance, unless someone buys it?? Not sure if that's on the table, but I hope it is.

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