All I see with this thing is a severe case of claustrophobia.  But I'm sure that is just me.  This is a contraption that brings you a sleeping pad, bag and tent all in one piece.  How weird, right?


But what if you need to get up and relieve yourself?  What if you need to move for any other reason suddenly?  What if a bear appears????  There is all kinds of issues I can see.  Plus, when you look at the picture, it looks like your head is exposed??  Mosquitoes... or any other bugs???

The good news is that it's pretty warm.  It will keep you cozy to -30 C which is -22 F.  What about your face... again??  Or maybe the pic doesn't include the facial stuff??  I can see that maybe the tent does have a closure around it... but still...

  Anyway, you could get one of these things, but it'll cost ya!  Looks like it's just shy of $1800 US.  But if you are backpacker/hiker and are concerned about weight, this might be just the thing for you.  Me- hard pass.