If you like escape rooms, this is one of those types of events, only it takes on the whole city of St. Cloud.

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I do find that escape rooms are fun, and sometimes overly challenging.  But that is part of the fun.  You try and figure out the clues and solve puzzles to get you out of the room before your time is up, which is generally an hour.

This time, The Oz Escape takes you into a virtual escape room where you are still figuring out clues and puzzles to get out where you need to go.  But this time, the "Room" is the city of St. Cloud.

The Oz Escape is an outdoor adventure that takes place in several countries and cities around the world.  This July, it will be here in St. Cloud.  If you're like me, and thinking "how does this work"?  Here is the description from their website

You will use your phone to follow hidden clues, solve witty puzzles and complete fun challenges as you walk around the city.

Follow the story of the iconic team of misfits trying to escape from Oz before the witch has her way! The event is entirely based on the original The Wonderful Wizard of Oz novel by L. Frank Baum.


Basically you are part of the main 4 characters, plus some additions, if you choose.  Your ticket will get you entry for up to 6 players.  Kids play for free if you'd like to make it a family game.  You also have the choice to play and try to beat the clock within the 90 minutes, or you can just play at your own pace and have fun with it.

Some people even dress up as their favorite characters from the movie/book.  If you do choose to dress up in costume, there is a costume contest too.

When and where and how much is detailed here, also more information and how to purchase your tickets here. 


one team ticket admits 2-6 adults and kids go for free

--   TIME
start anytime between 10 AM - 4 PM, the experience lasts approx. 90 minutes

outdoors, location to be sent via email before the event

--   GAME
throughout the event, you will be guided solely by our immersive mobile app

--   COSTUME CONTEST: optional, for people who wear them

--   AGE: recommended for ages 8+

--   PET FRIENDLY: yes!

If you love escape rooms, or if you just want to check this fun event out, see you in July!

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