And another event bites the dust.  The Lemonade art fair that generally happens the end part of June, on the SCSU campus, has been cancelled . This isn't really a surprise, but it is super unfortunate.  I had hopes that MAYBE it might happen since it's an outdoor event, and maybe with some social distancing, etc that it could happen.  But no.  I'm just disappointed.

Sarah Mueller, WJON
Sarah Mueller, WJON

This is an event that I really enjoy every year.  There is more than just art... there is some cool live music around and also some food choices and things you can take and make at home.  It's a pretty cool event. And now it's been cancelled.  It says postponed.. but it's postponed until next year. To me, that's cancelled.

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This is what it says on their website:

So it looks like it's postponed.  But if you go to the Facebook page, it's cancelled.  But that's probably because you have to cancel an event there if you don't have an actual date to reschedule.  So, it is what it is.  COVID-19.

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