I admit, I may go over the proverbial line occasionally. But things have gotten much tighter with Facebook. Seems there are too many people that are just looking to be offended by something.

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This past Monday, I posted on a friends page, wishing him a happy birthday. Innocent enough, right?  Well, I may have added a picture to go with the birthday greeting. A picture I thought was pretty innocent but, I guess, Facebook didn't agree.

I was told the picture in question violated Facebook's "community standards". What I thought was odd, was that I have posted that same photo at least a dozen times over the years.

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The same thing with the other few times I was tossed in Facebook jail. I posted photos or memes that I had posted several times before and all of a sudden they are in violation of Facebook's community standards?

Tomorrow (Thursday) ends my 5 day sentence and I can resume posting stupid stuff that may only amuse me, but that's all that really counts.

There has definitely been a change in the rules on Facebook lately. According to Facebook's community standards, you aren't allowed to show genitalia, naked female breasts exposing the nipple or any sexual activity.

I was guilty of none of the above. This is the meme I posted that resulted in my virtual incarceration.  I see nothing offensive, do you? I just thinks it's funny!


Have you ever been in Facebook jail.  If so, what for?

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