One more thing to blame on millennials. According to USA Today millennials may be killing the tipping process.According to there study, two thirds of millennials tip less than 20% when they are out. on the other hand half the people over 38 tip over 20%.  So, what's the deal here?  One theory is that milennials use a variety of service where tipping is not an option, Things like shopping online or even Uber, which didn't offer a tipping option until just recently. These things combined to shift tipping norms toward tipping less or not tipping, period.

Anna Webber, Getty Images
Anna Webber, Getty Images

As a former bartender, I can tell you there is some bad karma that goes along with not tipping. Service workers rely on tips to make a livable wage. I used to tell bar customers that didn't believe in tipping, that if they cant's afford to tip, then they can't afford to drink at my bar. Harsh? Maybe, but when you only have so many bar stools to service, every dollar counts.

If you're a service worker in the St Cloud area, have you noticed this trend from your millennial customers?

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