I remember as a kid, my dad loading the family in the car on one of those hot summer nights and heading to the local A&W for dinner and a root beer float in a frosted mug.

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Back then, few people had air conditioning in there homes or even cars, so this was sort of a relief from the heat. I think about those times and wonder what happened to all of those A&W drive-ins?

It was so cool, you'd pull into a parking spot and order through a speaker. The car-hop (waitress) would come out on roller skates with your food. She'd clamp the tray right on the driver's partially rolled down window. When done, you'd push a button that turned on a little white light next to your car and the car-hop would skate out and take your tray.

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I really thought those drive-ins were a thing of the past and never to return. Enter, coronavirus.  It seems, A&W thinks now is a great time to bring that style of dining. It makes sense to me. Only your group in the car, very little contact with employees. Sounds like it was made just for a pandemic situation.

There are still several A&W's around Minnesota, mostly in gas stations. I guess, the one in Sartell closed up a year or so ago. But they aren't the old fashion kind.

But the good news is that A&W plans on building around 900 of the old style drive-ins all around the country.  So, get ready to recite your order for a papa Burger, Mama Burger, Teen Burger with Fries and a frosted mug of A&W Root Beer.  Cheers!


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