Throughout my years with a drivers license, I have had some ups and downs such as fender benders, going into the ditch and a ticket or 5.  But that was a quite a few years ago.  I'm just saying I haven't been a perfect driver.  But holy buckets-- that is nothing compared to the driving that I have witnessed in the St. Cloud area since moving back here in October.

People do not move when the light changes.  Distracted?  Don't realize you can go when there is a blinking yellow turn light?  I'm not sure what the deal is with that, but my horn comes in very handy.  I know that the passive aggressive Midwest might think that is rude, but too bad.  I really don't think we would ever move had that horn not been used.

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Then there are the people who seem to just drift from lane to lane with no apparent warning.  I mean, you really need to be on the look out when driving in this town.  Not that you shouldn't always be paying attention, but this is just bad.  Really bad.

Ralph Orlowski, Getty Images

Are there other areas/towns that are just as bad?  Because I haven't ever experienced drivers this horses**t anywhere else I've lived.  Wow.  Just wow.