It's been 7 months and counting for many people working from home. Sounds like an ideal situation at first but many are pretty much burned out with the "at home" workplace.

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There is just something about having somewhere to go every day. Personally, I guess I prefer separating work and home. Also, the distractions of working from home can retard one's productivity.

According to a survey, many people working from home are working too hard. One might think it would be just the opposite but with some kids doing virtual learning.  Helping kids with their homework assignments and then adding on household chores, working from home can be pretty exhausting for some.

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The survey from says 51% of people working from home are burned out. 52% of those working from home said they were taking no time off from working. It's easy to see how this could really wear on a person.

The big one is the lack of separation from your job. I would think one would really miss out on that wonderful feeling of leaving work and heading to the sanctity of home. It's very important you take a break from work, relax and take good care of yourself.

Be careful not to be consumed by your job. This can be detrimental to you health and general happiness.




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