Yes, Sunshine and 30's and 40's the first week or two of December is feeling pretty freakin' nice to me. I've never been a big fan of winter.  Especially, the really cold and snowy ones.

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A lot of it is probably because, a good portion of my life, I've lived in warmer climates. Places like San Diego, CA, Houston, TX and Orlando, FL.  Friends back home would always ask me "Don't you miss the seasons, the snow?"  My answer was always an big NO!

Even though I grew up in the tundra of North Dakota, once I moved away and enjoyed the warmer weather, my body could never adjust to the cold temps again.

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I guess, we should just enjoy these mild temps because according to the Farmers Almanac, we are supposed to be in for a "snowy, colder type winter". Here's to hoping they are wrong.  It wouldn't be the first time.

Maybe if we just got an inch of snow around December 21st and it went away soon after New Years, that would be perfect, in my book. I'm totally down for a brown Christmas, otherwise.

I realize I'll get some comments about how great Winter is in Minnesota and you, that think so, are certainly entitled to your opinion.

At any rate, enjoy these mild days because I just don't think they will last.

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