Until a few years ago, I'd never heard of Sober October. Evidently, it's when people give up alcohol in all forms for the 31 days of October. Some also include any for of "recreational" drugs and marijuana.

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I remember Dry January but Sober October has a much better ring to it. Fortunately, I don't indulge much in the booze anymore.  I tend to get in enough trouble perfectly sober.

Many people tie Sober October in with a charity and why not. What's nice about this is, if you need a day off for a special occasion like a wedding, Halloween, etc. you can get what they call a "Golden Ticket" by making a donation, of a pre determined amount, to the charity.

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If you just don't think you can give up the great flavor of beer for a full 31 days, perhaps an NA or non alcoholic beer may be the way to go.

I was just reading about a great non alcoholic beer made in the Cities.  It's called Hairless Dog, which I'm sure is some play on "hair of the dog".

Hairless Dog is an American 0.0% alcohol by volume craft beer. Maybe you're not participating in Sober October and you may be pregnant, a first responder or gave up alcohol due to a health issue. This beer might be just the ticket.

Currently there are 4 core styles of Hairless Dog NA. IPA, Citra Lager, Black Ale, Coffee Stout and they are available at bars and liquor stores around the Twin Cities and beyond.

Anyway, sober or not, have a great and safe October!

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