I was pretty surprised to not find some of the occupations not in the top 4 most dangerous jobs. Occupations like police, first responders, high rise window washers, etc.

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I have on occasion watched the tower behind our station being painted. No way could I deal or function at that kind of height.  One tower guy once told me that once you reach the lethal height, every foot after that has no added danger. That really wouldn't comfort me much.

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Also, not on the list were medical workers like doctors and nurses. Emergency rooms especially can be dangerous with violent patients. Work place injuries in the healthcare field are five to twelve times higher than the estimated rate for all workers. This is all not to mention contracting sickness from exposure. So, why medical workers didn't make the list is beyond me.

According to personal injury law firm Sieben & Carey  “Work-related causes of death are most often automobile-related.” The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says in 2019 there were 80 work related deaths in Minnesota - “transportation incidents resulted in 36 fatal work injuries and falls, slips, and trips, accounted for 15 fatalities. Contact with objects and equipment was the third-most frequent fatal work event with 14 fatalities.”

According to Sieben & Carey personal injury law firm, the 4 deadliest jobs in Minnesota are;

#4  Waste Services

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At face value it doesn't seem like this would be one of the deadliest in Minnesota but looking further into it, most cases were vehicle involved.

#3  Trucking

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I can totally see this with the many variable traffic and weather conditions truck drivers have to deal with. Not to mention the hours and hours behind the wheel.

#2 Construction

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Can't even count the number of hazards on this job.  "11% of all deaths in the state occurred in the civil engineering, non-residential, and highway and bridge construction sectors."

And coming in at #1  Farming

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Much more dangerous than most of us realize. According to knowyourrights.com "farming fatalities account for almost one-fourth of at-work fatalities in the state."

(Sieben & Carey)

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