This afternoon- actually late morning, Carver County attorney Mark Metz read a statement saying that there isn't sufficient evidence to prosecute anyone specific for the death of Prince.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This weekend marks two years since Prince was found dead in an elevator at Paisley Park.  After the toxicology report came back, it was announced that there were high levels of Fentanyl in his system.  He had no prescription for any of that drug.  But they did find lots of pills in bottles that were labeled as Bayer and Aleve.  They found basically what was knock off versions of Vicodin.  The evidence shows that Prince had no idea he was taking Fentanyl.  He thought it was just Vicodin.  But when you get pills that  are not from a reliable source, you run the risk of having unknown substances in them... in this case Fentanyl.

Sounds like there may be a civil case coming against the doctor who was treating Prince, and also his friend who's name they used for the prescriptions in order to save Prince's privacy.

This is such a sad story... stay tuned for more, I'm sure, very soon.


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