If 'attend a silent disco with farm animals' has been burning a hole in your bucket list, fear not: the Anoka County Fair has your back, fam.

The Barnyard Beat Bash is July 26th at the Anoka County Fair (makes sense, right?).

Barnyard Beat Bash at the Anoka County Fair

It sounds violent as all get out, but it's supposed to be a fun family affair. The Anoka County Fair hasn't specified which farm animals will be doing the Carlton with you, but a goat is featured on the event flyer. There's no word on whether that specific goat will be dropping beats.

The Anoka County Fair's 'Silent Disco' is Friday, July 26th from 6:30p to 9p. Gate admission to the Anoka County Fair is $15 for adults and $10 for kids, and the Barnyard Beat Bash is free with gate admission.

What is a 'Silent Disco'?

With the advancement of wireless/Bluetooth technology, we no longer need headphones with cables. Attendees of a silent disco (or quiet club) each get a set of wireless headphones to wear; there usually aren't loudspeakers set up. It can be quite weird to witness if you don't have headphones.

But it looks like a ton of fun with reasonable volume! Check out a video from an outsider's perspective.

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H/T: Fox 9

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