Ok, let's start over NBC first and foremost Neil Young is not an Astronaut and no he is not dead. Neil Armstrong was and yes he just passed away on August 25th at the age of 82. I realize we all make mistakes but this is kind of a big one don't you think.


Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk the moon back in 1969. Thinking the staff writer for NBC wasn't even born then.  It took a whole seven minutes to get the change in effect. you'd think with a media company as big as NBC they would at least proof-read before posting the headline.

Neil Armstrong was also a U.S. Navy pilot that served in the Korean War, an aerospace engineer, a test pilot, and University Professor.


Neil Young, on the other hand; is a Canadian born singer-songwriter who pretty much got a solo career going back in 1960, Later co-founded Buffalo Springfield and eventually joined forces with  David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash (C,S,N & Y) back in 1969.


He was inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame twice, once as a solo artist and second as part of  'Buffalo Springfield'.

Neil Young is also associated with The Squires,  Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Crazy Horse, The Stray Gators, Pearl Jam, The Stills-Young Band, Booker T. Jones, Leon Russell, Elton John just to name a few. Not sure I see Space program in that list.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have a new album coming out titled, "Psychedelic Pill" which will be released in October on Double CD and a Three Record Vinyl set.  Full length videos on Blu-Ray will also be available in the near future.



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