I think I can say with confidence that even in times of socio-political turmoil, there are always two things that you can rely on to bring people together – beer and bacon. It really doesn’t get any more American than that.

I’m not even an advocate for nationalism, but by god, I’ll defend our artery clogging, fattening, heart stopping, habits all day long. You know why? Because life is short, and if I didn’t have beer and bacon in my life, the quality of life on this planet would be diminished by about 80%.

It’s almost not even worth being alive at that point. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about losing our alcohol and greasy foods anytime soon. If you’re a true American and you love beer and bacon as much as I do then you’re gonna love the Beer and Bacon Classic at CHS Field (St. Paul) on July 14th.

The Bacon and Beer Classic will give festival goers the chance to try 50+ original, bacon-infused dishes from the best eateries in the area as well as over 100 different craft brews. It starts at 1 pm and you can get a ticket online now between $55 and $99.

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