Every week we have Johnny Umf come in to the studio and attempt a joke. This week Johnny couldn't make it, so I decided to step in with an attempt of my own. I attached the text of the joke below, in case you'd like to memorize it and share it with your friends, or not.

One day this woman gets pulled over for speeding. The cop asks her for her driver's license. "I don't have one officer, it's suspended". He then asks for her registration. "I don't have that either officer, I stole the car, killed the owner, cut him up in pieces and put him in the trunk". The officer backs away and calls for back up. Soon there are three more squad cars on the scene and a supervisor.  The supervisor asks the woman for her driver's license. "Certainly officer" as she pulls it from her purse and hands it to him. He then asks for her registration. "Of course, here it is" as she hands that to the supervisor. The supervisor looks puzzled and asks to look in her trunk. "No problem, officer" and hands him the key.  He opens the trunk to find it empty. Even more puzzled he says "Ma'am, the officer that pulled you over said that you had a suspended license and that you stole the car, killed the owner and chopped him into pieces and put him in the trunk". She responded "Yeah, and I bet he said I was speeding, too!".

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