One of our favorite guests on the Morning Sideshow has always been the very funny C Willi Myles. If you have never seen C Willi's stand up comedy, you owe it to yourself to check one of his appearances out. This morning, C Willi was nice enough to stop by the Loon studio and I couldn't resist asking C Willi why he would move back to cold and snowy Minnesota, especially after he had just moved not long ago to sunny California. If you know anything about C Willi, you know he hates cold weather and loves to play golf with a passion. So, Southern California would be the perfect place to move to, right? One would think so and C Willi's reason will resonate with most married men. Here is a clip from this morning's show on the Loon with C Willi explaining why he moved back to this part of the country and gave up paradise.