We all feel the pain of the late Spring that has yet to even show up.  Sure Spring was supposed to start a few weeks ago but it sure doesn't feel like Spring. So, instead of bitching about it, I've decided to think about all the positive things about this less than great Spring weather. Here are few of my thoughts;

No mosquitoes and other bugs

No lawn work

Fewer drive by shootings

Can cover more fat wearing layers of warm clothes

Can't lose any money playing golf

No guilt sitting inside watching Netflix

Thugs can't sneak up on you in the crunchy snow

No sunburn

You can see your breath letting you know you're still alive

Dog poop is much easier to pick up when it's just frozen nuggets

Beer stays nice and cold in the garage

You know if your mail came just by checking out the window for fresh tire tracks by your mail box

Women show less of that distracting cleavage

See? Things aren't so bad. It's all in the way you choose to look at it. Don't let the weather affect you mood, your mental attitude.  That's all.



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