Well finally, the state politicians are considering making it a misdemeanor to clog up the left lane. If you are like me, this drives you crazy. It's amazing how many drivers have no idea that the left lane is for passing only. It's not just an option! It frustrates the hell out of me when I'm trying to get somewhere and there is a car in the left lane traveling at a slower rate of speed than myself. What is it?  Is the view better in that lane? Do you have to make a left turn forty miles ahead? Are you just one of those a**holes that thinks you have the right to decide just how fast the rest of us can go? I really hope this bill goes through and Left Lane Cruisers are pulled over and ticketed. And if you do pull into the left lane to pass and your cruise control is set one mile an hour faster than the car you're passing, just speed up until you get passed and pull back into the right lane.Thanks for letting me vent.

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