Every Friday morning around 7:35, Johnny Umf, an aspiring comedian, tries out a joke or 2 on the morning show. Every week it turns out badly. Geez, how freekin hard can it be to tell a halfway good joke?  To hear Johnny Umf try you'd think it was damn near impossible. So this morning, I thought it might be interesting to try tell a joke myself.  I searched for just the right joke being very careful not to pick one that might offend someone, God forbid, right? I found what I thought was a fairly safe joke for morning radio and proceeded to tell it while Laura video taped it for me. There is a certain way to tell a good joke.  They say timing is everything. Anyway, here is my attempt at an on air joke.  If you like it, be sure to call in tomorrow morning after Johnny's joke and tell him how much better mine was than his.

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