Well, this just sounds like the best invention ever.


There is a new wine (at least I think it's new) that is called Fit Wine.  It's super low in carbs and calories, and has about a 13% alcohol content.  That could really get a person into trouble.  Wonder how it tastes.

They are saying that it is paleo-diet friendly.  So, I guess whatever plan you are on... you still need to take into consideration the empty calories.  It's only 114 for the Rose', but the problem that people generally run into isn't necessarily the actual alcohol, it's the lowered inhibitions, and the food cravings that come along with the drinking.  If you can keep that in check, you are probably good.

I just like the idea that you could actually have a couple of drinks and not totally blow the diet, and/or any progress you may have made.


 Regardless...I'd try this stuff.

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