Today is the day that Governor Walz will make an announcement regarding the current "Pause" on the statewide shut down including bars, restaurants, gyms, youth sports, gyms and small social gatherings.

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What we know is that the governor is expected to extend the closures of bars and restaurants through the holidays.  What is expected, as far as the rest of the "pause" goes is that  there may be the lift of restrictions on gyms, but gyms goers may be required to wear a mask the entire time, even while exercising.  There will also be limited capacity.  Youth sports are expected to  be able to resume after the beginning of the new year.  And the expectation on school is that elementary schools will be able to reopen, but that Jr high and high schools will continue distance learning.

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As far as small gatherings go, it looks like there will be new guidance on those situations.  I would take "new guidance" to mean that small social gatherings at someone's house would be allowed, but how many and who will probably be restricted.  That is just a guess, however.

If you are wondering what the reasoning is for the continued restriction on bars and restaurants, Bring Me the News had this from Dr. Michael Osterholm, who is the Director for the University of Minnesota's center for infectious disease research and prevention:

Most of this is speculation.  Governor Walz will announce the new guidance at 1:15 this afternoon.

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