In the latest from the LOON Science Labs:

A Harvard professor has supposedly discovered the ticket to a younger you. That is, if you're a  mouse.

Ronald DePinho, Professor of Genetics at Harvard (or as his friends call him: 'NerdQueen') has succeeded in 'de-aging' mice in a lab. Details in the issue of  "Nature" magazine are definitely over our heads.

Here's how it works from what we understand; there's a sort of  'cap enzyme' on our chromosomes that deteriorates as we age, and that, in turn actually ages us physically and makes it easier for disease take hold. Ronny has developed a process where he repairs the enzyme and the mouse miraculously heals itself of any aging-related diseases! That includes the reversal of brain disease AND infertility. The mice also showed no signs of developing cancer.

If you happen to have a PhD. you can decipher the gibberish here. If you don't, and you're like us, here's a cartoon.