There are a lot of great past-times in the good ol’ U-S-of-A: Baseball, watching late night television, stampeding over each other on black Friday, and deep frying every food imaginable. But there’s one pastime that unites us all more than the rest, and that pastime my friends, is drinking beer. Admit it, you drink it anytime you have the excuse to, and so do I. And if you don’t… well then, I guess we can’t be friends, because you’re missing out.

Anyway, we all know the big names: Budweiser, Coors, Guinness (which I LOVE) but we often times overlook craft beers. You won’t see their brand names plastered all over super bowl commercials, but sometimes the big names pale in comparison to a well made local brew in terms of quality.

Now, I’m not qualified to earn the title of “Beer Snob” just yet, but I’ve had my fair share of beer. I’ve consumed enough Guinness in the past year to intoxicate a small country, and various other brews along the way. But I recently strayed from my allegiance to mainstream beers and made a trip to “Beaver Island Brewing Company.” It’s a modest sized operation right here in St. Cloud. And, well… what can I say folks? I was left speechless.

Their selection is one of the best best around. Needless to say, I'm excited that Beaver Island brewing will be celebrating it's 5th birthday on February 22nd starting at noon at their establishment in St. Cloud. I am definitely considering going, so hopefully I'll see you there.

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