We at the Loon have had Free Beer Friday going on for just about 20 years.  Seriously, it's been that long.  So obviously we love beer.  And we love the fact that you love beer.  We are your beer station.  So with that being said, why have we not heard of this particular beer?  Or, better question, why has this beer not been made here??  Gotta hand it to the Irish... they know how to do it.  And by it, I mean make beer and that other thing that you probably thought of when I said "do it".

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Yes, they have manufactured a beer that increases your sex drive, apparently.  It's made with watercress, which is a sort of aquatic plant/vegetable.  But if you have ever heard of this before, like I have, it's basically like a fancy lettuce.

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So, the obvious question comes to mind... what does watercress have in it that increases your libido?

"Watercress is a fabulous health food packed full of vitamins and nutrients that help boost fertility. The ale itself is delicious, it's very fruity with a peppery kick."

This is according to the Watercress Company.  I had no idea there even was one of those.  But now we all know.  And they say it works.  So- worth a try then, right?  The worst thing that could happen is that you drink some beer.

Have a great week!