BENTON COUNTY - If you've noticed more people wandering around glued to their smartphones - it's likely due to the new Pokemon Go! App.

Pokemon Go! is an augmented reality game where players search real world places to find Pokemon on their phones. Players can find Pokemon in local parks, their backyard, at the mall or at local statues and landmarks (think Geocaching with fictional creatures mixed in).

Benton County Sheriff Troy Heck says it's a fun game for many people, but is reminding you to pay attention to your surroundings and never play while you drive.

"Pokemon Go doesn't have a place in that situation when you're the driver. You need to focus on driving, get to where those creatures are and then you can go catch them all."

Some criminals have been able to take advantage of others using the app. Police in Missouri say four teens robbed victims after luring them to a specific location using the game on Sunday.

"They'll either use remote locations that players might go to or even put things into this digital reality that would entice people to come to a place where they could be more easily victimized," Heck says.

Heck adds that some players have been hurt because they were paying too much attention to their phone screen and not enough attention to where they were going.

"Many people are enjoying playing this game and getting out and about to find their Pokemon. As with any recreation activity, sound judgment needs to be exercised while playing."

-This story was written with information from the Associated Press-