Wanna see the Fall colors?  And get some exercise at the same time?  There are some cool places to go in Minnesota.  Take a day trip with the family, or friends, or just a couple.  I can't believe that I'm talking about Fall, but yes, just about a month and a half away.  Sad as that is... there are some very cool things about being in Minnesota in the Fall.  Can be very picturesque.

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So, as Summer will soon come to an end (I am so sad to see it going) might as well try and make the best of what Fall has to offer.  Fall is actually my favorite season.  If we could just skip Winter, and have just the 3 other seasons, I would be very happy.


Winter is fine for the holidays, because the snow can be very pretty.  But having to drive in the stuff for 7 months is not fun. I just feel like Winter shouldn't be so greedy.

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But let's enjoy what Minnesota has to offer... take a hike at some of these amazing trails and parks that are all over the state.  Take lots of pictures.