I'm not totally sure I believe that Bigfoot or Sasquatch actually exists and if he does, he is the undisputed Hide and Seek Champion. Thanks to the progressive TV commercial, we now know that Bigfoot's real name is Darrel.


Comedian, Mitch Hedberg, once speculated that the reason all those pictures of Bigfoot are blurry is simply because Bigfoot is blurry.

Although there have been sightings of Bigfoot in Minnesota, it's not nearly the number of other states. Specifically, states on the West coast. Oregon has had 254 sightings, Washington has had 676 and even California 445 sightings on record. Some of those California sightings turned out to be Bea Arthur. Sorry, I may have made that up.

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So, how many Bigfoot sightings has Minnesota had?  According to Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) a mere 74 sightings reported in Minnesota. This is still impressive compared to some other states. Delaware, Rhode Island have had only 5 sightings each and North Dakota (nowhere to hide) 6 sightings.

My question is, if there is really such a creature as Bigfoot or Sasquatch wouldn't we have found bones or some other evidence of the existence of this elusive legend.

Check out the map below from SatelliteInternet.com for the number of sightings in each state.


(Bigfoot Field Research Organization)


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