I have to admit, I've never even once considered risking life and limb not to mention sanity by taking part in the spectacle that happens every Thanksgiving weekend, known as Black Friday. There is nothing I want that badly. Never underestimate a large group of people trying to save a buck.

Black Friday Starts Early As Shoppers Hit The Stores On Thanksgiving Night
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This year Walmart stores here and across the nation will be trying something a bit different and much more palatable to those of us that are semi sane.

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Walmart has announced an "all new Black Friday experience".  Instead of just ne insane Black Friday stampede for deals, Walmart plans on extending the special deals throughout the entire holiday season. That's much more up my alley. If you prefer to shop from home, more deals will be featured online this year.

According to Scott McCall, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Walmart, US  "We’ve heard from our customers that many plan on starting their holiday shopping well before Black Friday and that they’re looking for gifts that fit their current lifestyle. So, we’ve adjusted our strategy to adapt to these new shopping preferences–we’re offering more of what they want now, earlier than ever, and all at the best prices."

In preparation for the holidays, Walmart will be beefing up inventory on toys, electronics, kitchen supplies and more, plus they will be featuring over 800 Walmart exclusives.


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