I'm never that adventurous.  Even when it comes to Kool-aid.  Let's be honest, I really don't like most things.  But during this quarantine/social distancing time, things like this suddenly sound like a good idea.  Seriously bored.  Mystery Kool-Aid flavors.  You don't know until you push that straw into the pouch.

Kristy Puchko
Kristy Puchko

It's not nearly as bad as that horrible bamboozled game.  That's the game where you have to try different jelly beans.  I think they are basically the jelly belly jelly beans.  The ones that taste like other foods.  Only this game has flavors like barf, boogers, poop. and other nasty things.  I have never played it, because I'm sure I will get one of those horrible flavors.

Like being on Survivor... I would get voted off the island immediately because I could never do those nasty food challenges.  Grrroooosss!

But hey, if you have bored kids around you... or if you want to try something just for the sake of doing it, try these.  You used to have to mix it up yourself with that full cup of sugar that you had to add.  Now they have it all done for you in a juice pouch.  Kind of like a capri-sun.

Cheers!  Let me know how it turns out.

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