Gas is getting a lot less expensive in recent days.  But if you are a first responder, you are still using quite a bit...and a discount would be really nice, right?

BP wants to support our local heroes- our first responders.  People who are working on the front lines during this pandemic.  People who are giving up any time with their families.  They are having to separate themselves just to keep their family and loved ones safe because they don't want to risk bringing the sickness home.  Living in a camper, living in a tent, living just somewhere else than the rest of their family so that they can take care of someone else's family.

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BP has this on their website:

First responder, doctor, nurse, or hospital worker:

Thank you for being on the frontlines and keeping our communities healthy and safe. We are honored to be supporting you and helping you get where you need to go. 
Simply verify your community status via to obtain your 50 cent per gallon discount to use on your next fuel purchase at BP and Amoco. Learn more about who qualifies.

Thank you for your dedication and support in serving our local communities.

All you would need to do is just go to the website and get the code after verifying that you qualify.

We say thank you, be safe, stay healthy.  We are all in this.

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